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How To Grow Scale Your Business

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The hardest part of growing a business is getting people knowing your business existed. No matter how great your product or service. But nobody’s heard of you, you are done. Your business is over.

We understand getting a customer is tough. A lot of businesses have problems hiring sales guys. Even business success hired a salesman. training them to become the best salesman is tough and what is the most heart broken is the fact that after the one year training sales guys resign and leave your company. And you have to hire another guy and train him or her over again. Traditional tactics like Door to door and telemarketing required a lot of training, man power and were difficult to scale.

Do you know there is an alternative? Digital marketing is another way to get your business in front of your client effectively and efficiently without hiring and managing a ton of salesmen. Moreover, you can scale your business just a few clicks.

One of the famous marketing tools you can use is Google Ads Google Ads. No, I am not talking about Google My Business. Google My Business only appears when your customer appears in Google only if your customer search company name or extreme near your location. Do not misunderstand.

What makes Google Ads so powerful than any other traditional advertising platform such as newspapers, roadside signage and telemarketing is the fact Google has a lot of hungry customers wanting your product or service. You do not have to convince them why they need your product or service.

Here is the fact, Google has billions of users searching products and services. You do not have to convince them why they need your product and service. For example: If you are a burger restaurant, you might want to put an advertisement to someone who searches “best burger restaurant” on Google because they are looking for burgers.

Meanwhile, you put a billboard advertisement on the busy roadside, you might not attract more customers because the customer is not hungry and does not want to eat burger at that moment. Plus, human memory is not great. They will forget about your fanatics burger restaurant after a day.

We live in 21th century, if you need something, you will definitely google search. How many times in your life, you saw a billboard, got excited and bought the product or service. No right? Even if you saw a product that you wanted in billboard, you definitely will research the product on Google first before purchasing the product. That is why your business needs to appear in Google search engine first result.

Another reason why Google Ads is awesome is because you only pay Google only when someone clicks on your ads. Unlike traditional advertisements they promise eyeballs and upfront expensive costs. You have to hire a designer to design the ads, print the ads in volume and installation fee. It is expensive. Meanwhile, you can start Google Ads Start from RM100 and it is flexible, you can pause and start your advertisement anytime.

Google Ads has a low starting fee and has the advantage of flexibility. Awesome right? So do your competitors. Here is the thing, Google Ads spot is limited. So you and your competitor have bid for the spot, the highest bid will be awarded the advertisement spot. So you will see some keywords are super expensive because businesses willingly pay for it. You really have to do your proper keyword research before starting advertising. You can burn your budget within days depending on the market or get the wrong customer.

Furthermore, your customer will shop around and compare you and your competitor. If you have best quality you have to communicate why your customer should go for best quality. If you have the best pricing, you have shown your price. That is why your website must be capable of communicating your unique selling point to your customer and impress them. We web design able to help create a website helping your business convert leads to buying customers. Your website serves as a digital salesman working 24 hours and you want your salesman to dress well and look professional.

There is another thing, I must address about the Google Ads. Google Ads has a lot of tools and is very confusing at first. Google will recommend a lot of tools to you but you should be imitating. You should not listen to all Google recommandation (of course not all).

Recommendations such as smart campaigns from Google My business, smart campaign is super easy to set up BUT they are more expensive and you have little control. In Google Ads expert mode, I can pay less than my competitor to appear in Google Search Engine if optimized correctly.

Whereas, Display network ads can be different beasts, I highly recommend to turn it off. Display Network only appears on other websites and does not appear in Search Engine. Not suitable for beginners.

How about Facebook Ads? Well, Facebook and instagram Ads definitely are cheaper but Facebook does not have the ability of Google Search Ads having a customer buying mentality. Facebook ads strategy is totally different , you must have unique content. What do I mean? If you are a Facebook user yourself, do you watch Facebook Ads?

Definitely not, your brain has subconscious skip the ads. To be successful in Facebook Ads, you need to disguise your content as average normal content instead. Furthermore, creating unique content explains why your target audience needs your product and service at the same place and at the same time be interesting and funny to get your content shared. That’s what makes Facebook tough and at the same powerful if you can make a shareable unique content.

And remember marketing is about test and measure. You will be making a lot of mistakes and dump a lot of money into the drain. Once you find a strategy that works, you can increase your budget and scale your advertisement.

If you do need help for setup Online Advertisement or web design. I help businesses set up online advertisements and grow their business without making expensive mistakes.

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