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What Make business Website Great

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What makes a website great? As a business owner you should know what make and break digital marketing campaign because a website is one of core success for your digital marketing campaign. At least, know some technical detail so you can compete with your competitors.


A lot of business owners come to me asking for complex design. I will straight away tell you why complex design is a terrible idea. I am a big fan of Minimalist design. I know from experience many people are afraid of whitespace but you must remember less is more. Having minimalist design allows your visitor to focus their eye to a single message. You want your brand to stand out and you cannot send multiple messages to your website visitors. Too many messages can confuse your visitor and make visitors forget what your brand stands for.

Minimalist design is on the rise right now. Even Google itself has a lot of contribution to minimalist design and even publishes a design guideline called Material design for all web designers all around the world to follow. Minimalist design can last forever and easy to recall. I always take Google.com as a great example. One of the reasons why Google.com is number one search engine today is because Google UI is not distracted with a lot of components unlike Yahoo search engine they have a lot of things going on making visitors confused.

Guide your user

When you have clear design, it is easy to guide website visitors to your goal. Your website design should be guiding your visitor to your objective. I always spot a lot of websites that do not have a clear objective. Having a clear call to action is very important for your company or business directing your visitor to become your customer. Especially, you are running ads on your website. Each click will be a waste if you do not optimize your website.


Many business owners underestimate copywriting as an important marketing variable to optimize. Funny thing, I met a client who said: “Ah ya, type in word only ma, just write best dental in seri kembangan than can already la”. Here is the thing, “Best Dental In Seri Kembagan” does not help communicate what is so unique about your dental. Hence, your dental is unable to stand out among the competitors.

Then I helped him to write an Facebook Ads targeting young girls 18-25 year old and create a landing page website stating “Get teeth braces done so you can have a beautiful smile to attract the boys”. The next thing you know, the conversion skyrockets! Never underestimate copywriting. Clever writing is important and if you get it right, you can see your sale go up.


Next we talk about interactive websites. Interactive websites can help you to communicate your marketing message effectively. Although small businesses do not have the budget to create interactive website maserati or app.ua. They can use websites like Solar Panel Next Calculator. If you are a solar panel buyer, this calculator helps you make a critical decision when purchasing a solar panel. Highlighting how much the customer can save and how long is your return of investment if you purchase a solar panel. These interactive tools in your website can help your potential customer understand how much your product or service can be of benefit to them.


Website loading speed is also a very important factor, especially if your website has heavy content. Your customer might have to wait for the loading to complete. Secondly, Google just announced using core web vital as an important Google search engine ranking factor. If you are going for organic search traffic from Google. Your need to follow their guideline to optimize your website. Core web vital is an important tool for measuring your website performance. They focus on three aspects of the user experience:- loading, interactivity and visual stability. They provide performance scores for your website. To check the performance score right click your website, on top the tabs click lighthouse then generate a report. Lighthouse not only provides the performance score but it also provides suggestions on how to improve your website.

Asset optimization

Another issue many ignore is image and video asset optimization. Video and image is a very large file, if you do not optimize the image it will take a very long time to load the website. Number one mistake by beginners is uploading raw images and videos into websites without optimizing it. Photo taken from dslr camera default image resolution is 7952 × 5304, if you go directly into your website, your website will take forever to load. Always reduce the resolution for the image and video appropriately before uploading to your website. Furthermore, I use an image compression tool like TinyPNG to help me reduce image size further. Or if you have video, you can use video compression like CompressMP4 to reduce your video size.

Lastly, use a lazy load for your website. What is a lazy load you may ask? Lazy load helps your website performance by loading images only if your visitor contacts the image. The famous example is from Medium.com. All the articles in Medium.com only load if you come in contact with the image. This greatly improves performance by not loading everything in one shot.

In conclusion, I believe all business owners should understand that some crucial websites, especially digital space are crowned with competitors.

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