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Are You List 1st place in Google?

We will flood Google traffic to your site in 1 year even you are a new business. We know it is differcult for new business. But with us, we will make your phone ring non stop


Our SEO Approach

Site Audit

We look into your site on demand, uncover technical SEO issues, and recommend improvements

Rank Tracking

Track performance of hundreds and giving you report on how efficient and effective on the campaign.

Competitor Analysis

We look into what your competitor doing and do exactly the same with 10 times better

Keyword Research

We ensure the traffic we send to you are the right buying customer you need.

What Are You Wrong About SEO

You Focus On the Wrong Metrics

I see a lot of business focus on H1 tag, bold tag, meta tag and contents. Yes, they are a requirement but do not spend too much time on it. You might say Pogostick is an important ranking factor but you did not rank first ranking Google cannot perform Pogostick on your site because your site is in the last page. Pogostick matter when you are on the 1st page

1st Rank And 1st Page Does Not Matter

Ranking in 1st in Google is useless if that keyword is no one search for it. SEO in Malaysia should focus on how much traffic coming from Google not have the 1st rank. 1st place in the 1st page in Google does not guarantee more traffic. Moreover, SEO is not set and then forget about it. It needs to maintain up to Google search engine requirement.

Keywords Research Planner is Fake News

Through time and expensive we see a lot of data. And keywords research planner is lying all long. We see keywords are not supposed to have traffic in Keywords research planner but we ranking on that specific keyword and we still getting traffic. Use keywords research planner for references only, do not follow it.

Time To Get Unstuck

Make customer come to you

Enhance SEO Marketing

Give us a call and understand why Google not recognice your website. And why haven't clients found you?

  • Clarify why Google rank you low?
  • Why Your competitor Win?
  • What Changes to make in Website?

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